Deck swiper does not load

Good day! Please help me solve the problem - deck swiper does not load - shows a long load. I need to upload the application, but this component is the main one!

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Hi @teplosvetov ,

I replace them with custom list, the rectangle’s height is adjusted very long, to cover the entire screen.

at the left side, put red-ish color rectangle to have actions there, the same as swipe left, do the same with right side.

The difference would be this is scrollable, not swipe-able, and using press instead of drag, the label nope at the left is seen all the time.

Put button when the list is empty for actions after end of deck.

It would be the end of Adalo’s world if custom list does not work. :grinning:

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Thanks for the advice, but deck swiper stopped working for me in other applications as well

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I have the same problem here since 2 days

Same for me. Due to this, I’m not able to complete my commitments.

Same here. I can’t seem to preview the deck swiper

Same problem for me.

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