Desk swiper doesn't work right

Hey @yelkhayami
Your component Desk swiper doesn’t work correctly now. I tried set it many times in my project, then I found an example in Adalo tutorial, open an example, made a copy and it doesn’t work too.
The problem is:
When I was swiping right, it saved only the first favorite post in the databse. But I swiped right all posts. I haven’t changed nothing in the example project.
Can you check and say how to solve this problem?

Hi @alexpobeditel ,

If you can’t wait, we can have replacement, I explain here,

Their focus might be elsewhere.

Hey! Thank you for quick reply. The problem isn’t in speed of loading. When I swipe right, the current post don’t safe in database.

Yes, it has been discussed for around 2 months.

Is it possible with your solution in the first message change cards after clicking right/left?

It is a custom list, only configured to look like similar to deck swiper but without swiping.

So all the functionality are from custom list, and you can put buttons inside there to do actions which are exactly you do on deck swiper.

It is scrollable instead of swipeable.

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