Adalo Dev to help make data more accessible to users

Hi, I’ve got an App that I am hoping to revamp how the users log data is displayed and accessible to users. The app is for twins pregnancy and baby tracking. There are currently a bunch of metrics the user is able to log daily, but no real good way to show/sort that data. I would like to add graphs of the data, sortable lists and maybe even the option to export it in some way.

If you think this is something you could accomplish, let’s setup a time to talk.


Hi Jim, check your dm’s

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Hello @chopshop,

I have expertise in designing and developing user-friendly data visualization features for apps. I can create interactive graphs, sortable lists, and implement export options to enhance the user experience for your twins pregnancy and baby tracking app.

Let’s discuss further details to revamp the data display effectively.
at jack(at)technogiq(com)com |or| on Skype at live:.cid.a0f06a69cf1c6478.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hi @chopshop

We can help you design and develop the mobile app as per your requirements.

Let’s DM me here for a detailed discussion further. live:.cid.5f7dc058f666db6b