Understanding the domain

I want to change the url of my adalo web app.
So I bought an ideal domain on Google domain.

Can you tell me what to do next?

I looked at the following page but I didn’t understand it, so please help me.

Go to the Adalo Editor and click “Settings” on the top right next to your profile.

Screenshot 2021-03-23 9.47.43 AM

Then, click on domains and add a domain.

After you come up with a name add the domain to your DNS provider, which is Google Domains for you.

We have been able to install a new domain.

However, I can’t access the app with the new domain.
Is this because I need to set up the adalo app to forward the domain? Or does it just not work yet?

You might need to refresh the app after you setup the domain.

I have already done so, but it has not changed.

Maybe I’m dropping some important settings and I’ll consult the support ticket.

It may be easier to follow this process - Using a Custom Domain - Documentation - Carrd

Just make sure you point to the relevant Adalo DNS settings (what James screenshotted)

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Thank you!
It’s solved!

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