Adalo Down? "not found" message displayed on Preview

“not found” message displayed on almost every Preview - maybe 1 in 10 attempts renders the app??
Unable to use Adalo?
Does this type of outage impact production apps too or does this happen just in the app authoring environment?

Yes. Now this is happening for me also. And I did some things but again same result.

I delete the cache and cookies and tried then opened and I close it and again I open and then black screen with Not Found text. Then I zoom in and out for while in the Editor and reloaded the tab and It opened again and I close it and I open again and then again Black screen with Not Found text.

@anon78309838 any news about this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

Edit - Now it’s working great. No issues in the Preview. Thanks Adalo Team.

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