Is adalo having an outage?


Does Adalo have some kind of outage? When I’m trying to preview any app, all I see is a black screen. This is valid even for adalo’s tests app, I can’t preview a single app.


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Yes, I’m facing that too. I believe it’s an outage. Will have to wait for the team to fix it, I guess

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yeah me too - preview “not found”
Hopefully back soon!
I enjoy nocode noodling on a Sunday!

Try it now… :slight_smile:
Seems to be back

Yea, it was a temporary outage. Coincided with when I requested Adalo to generate an Android build of our app… Made me wonder if it broke the backend :joy:

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Seems this was a very temporary problem and everything is back to normal now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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