"App not found" message


I came back to Adalo to continue working on my app. Trying to view it on phone and in Adalo and keep getting “App Not Found” message. Can anybody tell me what`s happening?

Hi @Flipitos,

Does this on PWA/previewer or Native? Can you add a screenshot of that message?

Thank you

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Hi. It’s in Preview and in Share. I didn’t publish it

Can you share the URL of this app? ( or you can send a DM if you don’t want it to be public )

For the preview can you try zooming in and out the editor a bit and try again!


Hey @Flipitos! Please drop us a ticket on Submit A Support Ticket for this? This seems to be an issue we’re currently investigating. Thank you! [A]


Hi. I submitted a support ticket. Waiting for your reply

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