Adalo editor is being super slow!

I’m in Mexico and I can’t believe even with the business plan what can I do (it’s not a heavy app btw).

Hi Cristo,

The editor is not that slow for me lately, it might me your internet connection.

I would just submit a support ticket.

Hi @James_App_Maker I’m sure it’s not my internet or computer since I have a fiber connection and I have an m1 16g MacBook Pro

It can be variable depending on where you are (geography), and also the time of day. If this isn’t temporary, submit a support ticket, but I’ve noticed the editor can have a slow day then go back to normal.

M1 pro is a great choice to use Adalo editor.

I’d suggest trying different browsers also. I find Chrome good, Safari faster for some things, and there was a thread recently saying Firefox can be much faster.

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