Extremely slow performance on Building/Editor mode

Hello. A few weeks ago the Building/Editor screen became unbearable. I have an average of 129Mbps download and 60Mbps upload and no other application performs as slow as Adalo when editing one of my apps. I have many screens and the logic has become complex but it is a real application and every time we want to make changes it takes forever to scroll among the screens or to look at the properties of each component. It takes some times up to 20 seconds to update after a click. Unacceptable. Tried Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and they all perform slow only on editing the Adalo app. This has come to an unbearable point every time we need to even just replace an icon or add an field to a list…
Adalo Help please!!.
Anybody else is having the same issue recently?

Please advise

Hi @MRGN ,

I totally understand how frustrating that can be. I’ve actually gone through a similar experience in the past when I had a laptop I bought back in 2016. It had an Intel i5 processor, SSD, and 8GB RAM. At the time, I thought Adalo was slow, and I agree that there were some parts where it behaved sluggishly. However, things changed when I upgraded to a laptop with the latest specifications. I noticed that I no longer faced any slowness issues. So it seems like the specifications of your device can also play a role in how the editor performs.

I hope this helps


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Hello, thank you for your reply, my laptop is quite a powerful one:

Windows 11 PRO

Intel Core i7 – 9750H 6 Cores 12 Logical Processors 2.6GHz



Two Samsung SSD 1TB Each

nVIDIA GEForce RTX2070

I do a lot of A.I. with GPU parallel processing threads and believe me, no other application, webpage, webapp consumes so much memory or has a lag or becomes sluggish as that of Adalo recently.

I don’t think the problem is my laptop. There has to be something wrong within the building/editor development environment webapp.

Thank you


That’s sounds amazing, I think its better to raise ticket for this then.

Will do thank you!