Slow performance when editing

Hi guys!
I had been working on an app that is quite extensive. It involves many windows and relations. Unfortunately, it is unbearably slow so you cannot edit pretty much anything. Did anyone experience that? I was wondering if there is anything how to improve that? Like a different browser, better PC, etc. I know there was this issue a while ago but it seems like it is still the same. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have an app which has approx 55 screens and it works quite quick. I have high spec machines with lots of memory so my browser can handle it.

The only time I struggle is when I have screens that have lots of text, that really slows the editor right down.

I use chrome and have i7 desktop and laptop with plenty of memory. As Adalo does all the work in the browser I would recommend not having lots of tabs open and free up as much memory as possible.


Thanks for advice :slight_smile:


I upgraded my laptop and the difference was night and day. Moved from an old 2014 Mac Air to the 2020 M1 Mac Air. Completely transformed the editing experience.


Might do that aswell, my app has 150 screens when it’s doneπŸ˜‚

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