Adalo editor on an iPad

Does anyone know if you can use the Adalo editor on an iPad as effectively as you would with a computer?

If so, I’d love to know what type and what the specs would need to be to run well.

No, you can’t! Only works for PC devices.

Hi Joshua,

I’m pretty sure you can…you can try it! Just make sure the iPad is pretty fast. (It might be hard adding components and records in the DB!)

I tried it it didn’t work moving them.

Do try and let us know!. Let’s see how touch gesture friendly the Adalo editor is :stuck_out_tongue:

@B0untiful_26 are you sure you tried it on a iPad? Could you take a screen recording or screenshot of it?

Sure, I will record a video!

Here you go, btw what I am using has pretty fast stuff in the software. Most likely would be impossible on iPad.

Can’t drag stuff around, move stuff into the editor, etc.

@B0untiful_26 it says access denied.

Lemme make access public, moment.

May you send me any of your emails privately so I could send them to you, thanks!

@B0untiful_26 just publish it to YouTube but make it unlisted.


@B0untiful_26 Are you sure this is an iPad? Could you take a recording with the whole screen, not just the Adalo editor tab?

This isn’t an Ipad its a full touch screen that acts like Ipad.

Adalo doesn’t work in touch screen that what I am trying to say,

Is it a Android tablet? Bc we are talking about an iPad .

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@Jal10c sadly it doesn’t work. But there is a workaround that I think works. If you connect a mouse to the iPad it should work. Adalo doesn’t recongize when you touch the editor.

Its Microsoft tablet, which is stronger than Ipad it has same stuff touch screens same all stuff, just you can add into it a touchpad which I am not using if you don’t understand what video means the editor isn’t working on the touch screen, you can’t move stuff into your canvas, or even move stuff in your canvas, most likely Ipad can’t handle BIG stuff [Crashes] so most likely HE could go to the editor but not even use it because its impossible to do in ANY kind of touch screen.

Hi @Jal10c
I just tested on the iPad Air and it is not full functional.

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