Responsive Editor & iPads

Adalo has been touting the power of their new responsive editor for months. And to Adalo’s credit, it’s a HUGE improvement over the old editor.

That said, the main selling point seemed to be “build once, and know exactly how your app will look on all devices.” So I did. I spent weeks completely redesigning the front-end of my app around improved previews for phones as well as tablets. I promised users that a responsive design was coming! You can imagine my surprise to discover that my rendered mobile app builds completely ignored all the design changes I’d been testing and tweaking in the Adalo editor for weeks, and simply built the app at a narrow, portrait phone resolution.

I’ve got to be missing something here. Support is telling me I’m not. I’m being told that Adalo doesn’t support tablets. If that is the case WHY were we sold so hard on a new editor that promised a predictable usage experience for users on phones, tablets and web? I sincerely hope I’m missing something here.

It doesn’t natively support tablet but you can access it in the web and save it to you tablets Home Screen as an app icon and then it will function as an app. I did this with my iPad and have no issue. It will get screen size and look how you set it up in the editor

I understand, but a significant percentage of my iOS users and Android users are downloading the app on tablets. I want to be able to provide them a top-notch experience without having to convince them to leave their device’s app store to use my web app.

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It’s looking like I may have made incorrect assumptions about the objectives of building a responsive editor for Adalo. Can anyone from Adalo’s team speak to whether or not enabling users to build responsive native apps is on Adalo’s road map? @KatelynCampbell @Adalo_CXTeam

@Ditabo i do understand your frustrations on this issue! I’m not seeing native tablet builds in adalo’s a roadmap as of now but feel free to request that feature Here and other members of the community can vote on it. With enough votes maybe Adalo will look into adding this feature for its creators.

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Thanks Jacob. I commented and upvoted. We have 74 upvotes on this post today, which demonstrates pretty solid support for this feature.

Tablet usage among my user base has been higher than I expected (~10-15%). This may be true for some of you serving up longer-form user engagement experiences as well (videos, courses, etc.)

Being able to offer a complete, device-agnostic experiences for users makes all our apps feel more complete, polished, and well-rounded. Being able to post tablet-specific screenshots in our app store listings is good for ASO, and generally raises the profile of our apps. Having more apps rising higher in ASO rankings in their respective categories has the long-term benefit of strengthening this community as a whole. I don’t want to overstate things, but I DO believe this would be an Adalo product improvement that could benefit all of us. Whether our specific apps see high tablet usage or not.

Hopefully other Adalo users who see this post will chime in on the “iPad & Tablet Optimization!” post on Canny and add their names to the call for action.