Adalo Editor Preview'er issue

I can only PREVIEW preview HOME page?

In all youtube tutorials the PREVIEW’ER shows the current page worked on.

My preview only takes me to HOME?

What am I doing wrong?. Be gentle, I am new :slight_smile:

Does your app have a navigation bar? If no, kindly link to the necessary pages.

Hey @MichaelAJorgensen,

When you launch the app (via previewer or published one), you can get to 2 places:

  • if you are not logged in as an app user, you are directed to “Welcome” screen
  • if you are logged-in as an app user, you are directed to “Home” screen.
    Just in case, it is not just you - it works for all app users :slight_smile:

In order to view other screens, you need to set up navigation in your app as @endieumunna mentioned. You can navigate via tab bar, app bar, buttons, etc etc etc.


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