How do I preview a specific screen?

Whenever I use preview it always previews the splash/home page screen, even if I click on another page on the “Screens” section it still does that. How can I preview any screen that I want (native app)? I’m building it on my desktop so to start least be able to preview any page I want on there is nice, as I can’t imagine there’s a way to do it with the “Home screen” for testing, or the “share” link, but that would be nice too. Thanks!

Hi @adalapp & welcome to the Adalo Forum!

Preview is a bit funky for testing and browser cacheing reasons. In short, once you’re logged in, it’ll always restart at the home screen.

You’ll need to click to whatever screen you’re trying to preview to test it.

For sake of speed, sometimes we build a shortcut on the home screen for us to hop to different screens quickly, then delete the shortcut when we push to production.

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If your app has a tab bar, you can use an unused tab for this purpose. I label it “TESTING” and link it to the desired screen. It is easy enough to remove the tab from the UI when you are done.

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Thank you, that really helps a lot :slight_smile:

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