Already preview error


3 days ago I added this problem here, 3 days ago I opened a ticket on the subject.

no one got back to my ticket, the post has been removed from here.
I can’t update my app because of this error.

Doesn’t anyone from Adalo look here?

Hi @ali,

Do you have any link actions added as screen actions on the home screen or do you have any countdowns with link actions in this home screen?

Thank you

Hello, please make sure that you’re signed in in your app’s previewer version, so you can be redirected to the Home screen. Also please make sure that there’s no linking actions on the home or welcome screens.

Thank you!

Hello @ali,

Frankly speaking, it is quite difficult to understand what exact problem do you have based on your video.
What I have noticed though, that your Home screen does not have any app bar on the top (blue-violet one). However, when you launch the previewer, you are directed to the screen with the app bar at the top.
The possible explanation of this could be that you are not currently signed in to your app, and Adalo previewer directs you to Welcome screen. This is the first hypothesis I’d suggest checking.

Just in case: Adalo CX team members may appear here but community forum is not an official way to submit tickets. Here users help each other and share their experience.


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