Adalo Form bugs

Hi everyone, I need help with Adalo’s form. Although it works, there are several bugs causing issues for users. When users fill the required fields in the form and press the save button, they frequently encounter various problems:

  1. Sometimes, even when the fields are filled correctly, they see an alert stating “This field is required to fill” for some fields. Adding some spaces or characters seems to resolve this issue.

  2. At times, users fill all the fields in the form, but when they press the save button, all the data they entered simply vanishes.

Would appreciate any assistance in resolving these issues. Thank you!

My users keep reporting to me that when the try to click on the field it won’t work, but when they tap the text above the field it lets them type.

Yeah, form is full of bugs…

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This sounds more like something you should submit a ticket for.

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