Is Adalo not working

When I click on one of my buttons I get an error in the panel to the left where you can assign actions and such. Is Adalo having issues today?

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Hello, you can refresh the page, and it’ll work normally.

Thank you!

I think it was a problem with a deleted variable

It could happen because of many things. Please let me know if it’s working correctly now.

Thank you!

I actually to delete the button and start over. That was the only thing that fixed it

Yes, this also solves the issue when it happens after adding a new button.

Thank you!

I think the problem occurs when you have actions tied to a button but then change the name of the input field or the action that said button is tied to…at leasts that is what it felt like to me.

Yes, It might happen because of multiple things but usually it’s related to the button as you’ve mentioned.

Thank you!

Thank you for your response. Have a. great weekend.

You’re welcome. You too!

Thank you.

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