Adalo in Arabic, ادالو بالعربي

مرحبا، كخبير بتطبيقات ادالو و محترف بادالو و ايضا كلبناني، اريد ان ابدا محتوى على يوتيوب لمساعدة الشباب العربي بتطوير التطبيقات على ادالو. هل يوجد شباب عربيين مهتمين بمعرفة المزيد و اقتراح علي فيديوهات لكي اساويها؟

As an Expert and someone who loved working on Adalo, and also that platform which is growing day by day, and most Important thing As a Lebanese, in the middle east, I am thinking on starting a youtube channel for teaching basic Adalo stuff and getting Adalo to be known more and more in the Middle East, using my native language which is Arabic, which can facilitate those people to well understand Adalo. please send me your suggestion to begin with i would love from my Arab people to write down some suggestion too…


I know has a component that lets people who speak different languages read the apps. Also i think google chrome lets you translate all websites now

السلام عليكم

اخى الفاضل … بالتوفيق … فى ذلك … و ارجوا ان نتواصل اكثر حتى نستطيع مساعده بعضنا البعض

ترجيب من مصر

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