Five Hour Beginners Adalo Tutorial

Hey all,

I’ve been teaching Adalo to Syrians, Congolese, Rwandans and South Africans.

With one bright colleague who is a talented graphic designer who has never used Adalo before we reverse engineered a simple Twitter clone over a few hours.

The goal was to teach him, but we screen recorded everything. Apologies for some of the audio being imperfect.

You can see it on my much internally criticized ‘Teach Adalo’ platform :D. Sorry, it’s for desktop only:


Good site, but the design is too much for the eye to focus on, think about it like that, if you load the page what’s the first thing you will see, etc if you need help with UI/UX you may DM me a question I will help!

Yeahm I’m having some interns rebuild it.

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Did you just flag my post as inappropriate?

I removed your post and sent you a DM why.

It’s just an internal resource man, feel free to not use it.