Adalo keeps crashing browser when trying to setup M2M dependent action

Hey all,

See video attached to show the issue.

I have setup a many to many database relationship between users and another Adalo collection.

When I try to setup an action, in this case adding the logged in user to the field, the browser crashes every time. This is a small thing, but it’s stopped me dead in my tracks since I can’t get around it.

I am hoping to get some feedback to help me isolate the root of the problem, so a few facts on my setup:

-MacBook running Chrome. (note I can’t even open this Adalo app’s development environment in Safari)
-The app is quite heavy, there are maybe 100 screens and the users database has maybe 50 subfields associated with it
-The internet where I am is not great, I’m getting maybe 500kb/s download
-I am currently in Lebanon, and just arrived a few days ago, so there could be an issue with ports being blocked. I have installed a VPN and it has made no difference

What I have done so far:
-Tried to switch browsers from Chrome to Safari, but the app doesn’t even load in Safari
-I have copied the app with a fresh database. The issue persists.

I’m open to simplifying the database structure or searching for a faster internet connection, or any other solution.

I am hoping to get feedback that will point me in the right direction and avoid me wasting time.

Happy to add any other colour,

Barrett Nash

I solved the issue by downloading and using Mozilla Firefox. It is a bit messy in in Firefox, but it looks to have linked the database correctly.

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