Adalo loading slowly - causing bugs

I have an app which has 27 screens. It includes log in, some written content and 4 audio files. There are a few photos but I optimised each one before uploading.

The most complex part of the app is the community forum. Users can create comments, reply to comments and like comments and replies.

I’m starting to experience weird lags when I review the liking replying commenting. Is there any way of preventing this? At the moment I’m just in my own preview (on Firefox) - will this continue on user’s mobile phones?

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Do any of your custom lists have “sometimes visible” enabled? If so disable that, this seems to be a bug in adalo.

Yes I have been using ‘sometimes visible’ so I’ll try that

Hi @CharlotteKalda :wave: :wave:

Currently the Adalo Team is working to improve the performance speed. :innocent:

But until the Adalo Team improve the performance we can avoid with some tips and tricks. :innocent:

And @CharlotteKalda If you are using a custom list enable that load items as user scrolls if there are so many items in that list. That will also help you.

Thank you :blush:

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