App slow!what can I do?

My application is slow to the point of not being viable the project, the application is simple and basically a mat of production and query of orders, uses only lists of the standard adalo, until I tried to make a custom list but also got very slow. I’ve been taking a look at the forum and have not found something that would help, I wonder if and just my app that this slow or really the system of adalo and so ?

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Hi @budhaaf,

Do you aware of this update? : Latest Performance Updates

Turn on that setting ( Load Items as User Scrolls ) if you haven’t and test again!

Sometimes the apps becomes slow but there are some tips and tricks that you can use for reduce that a bit.

Thank you

Can you explain the slowness? Record your screen too if possible. You can use Loom for this.

I just signed up and everything loads quickly here.

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