Tablet and iPad preview disappeared


I just want to ask are they any changes in Adalo, because I don’t have option anymore to preview my apps on Tablet and iPad?


Can anyone answer ?


Seems like they did remove it. I also do not have it.

Screenshot 2022-01-03 5.33.53 PM

Thank you for answering my question. Now it may be a problem because If you want to publish on App store it is needed to be good structure of App on iPad , even you publish for mobile.

Hey @Nemanja I beleive @James_App_Maker spoke with Adalo about this and got a response today. The response from Adalo was:

“Hey James! These options were intentionally removed on 12/22 because we don’t actually support iPad or Tablet so it was misleading to have those options there.”

Apps on iPad look like they do on mobile… like the below as an example taken from Google.

If your App supported iPad in the past, and you are moving to Adalo from native coding or expo as an example they can enable iPad Support where it somewhat enables responsiveness on iPad and becomes full screen (like you would have seen in the previewer before it was removed). This doesn’t happen out of the box on Adalo, I’m not sure if they would accept a request to enable this in any other case.


Thanks a lot for this answer. I really appreciate it.:slightly_smiling_face:

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