Adalo Previewer is not opening right now

Adalo Preview is not working currently (approx for last 3 hours). But status of ADALO ( does not show any issue.

Can someone confirm if you are also facing the same issue.

I have opened a ticket already (ticke # 797060865), and hope system is back up and running again.

Note: The previewer which was open on my laptop earlier (i believe since yesterday) is still working, and new previewer sessions are completely un-responsive. (black-out).

Additionally there is some error while opening previewer from See the picture message attached which appears while opening the previewer browser.


Hi @k86305,

I can preview my all apps (I believe the apps are opening for others too).

Support will get back to you soon!

Just some suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Did you try previewing after clearing your browser cache and cookies?
  2. Did you try Signing out from Adalo and Signing again and previewing the app?

Hope it will be fix soon!

Thank you

@dilon_perera :: The issue was definately at Adalo system side , as all my devices were experiencing the issue with Previewer at the same time. And I used internet from different providers too to verify if issue is with a single internet provider.

Later on it started working (after about 7 hours), and at that time it started working on all devices (computers and mobiles).

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