Adalo previewer or phone preview?

Right now my design looks great in adalo previewer. However If i send the preview link to a friend and view in a mobile browser everything looks unaligned and offcenter. Just horrible.

What should I be basing my designs off? The adalo previewer? Is it the most accurate to how a native app will show the design?

Even when publishing your app, you will go through trial and error with the design.

That’s just the reality of it.

But as you do that exercise, you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

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is the previewer more reliable or the mobile browsers?

The previewed is very useful to test that everything is working as expected. All the logics, visibility rules, actions, transitions, overall design structure, etc.

That said, once you are happy with that, you have to test on a browser to see if there are elements not working as expected there (especially design elements).

And once you are happy with that, you have to test the native apps in testing mode, because most probably there will be design elements not working as expected there and you’ll need to make adjustments.

please if u can help my preview doesn’t work

“Doesn’t work” means nothing. How can I or anyone help you if you don’t provide details about what you are experiencing?

If you need help, you must provide as much information as possible. “Doesn’t work” is not information.

In your description, always include screenshots or, ideally, a screen recording (I recommend Loom).

Just saying: “please explain by what doesn’t work maybe by sharing a video” mean is good enought.