Previewer in app store works differently from desktop previewer

I have noticed that when I preview my app using the Adalo android previewer, it is broken in so many ways. While the desktop previewer works perfectly, I see data not passed between pages (for example on button clicks) or entire pages failing to render. Has anyone else experienced this? Why does the apppreviewer work differently from the previewers in the desktop app?

Yes, the Adalo previewer app for Android does not work. I don’t use it, the desktop previewer works very well for mobile apps.

I see. Thanks. Is the desktop previewer a good predictor of how things will work once the final app is uploaded to the appstore?

I have not tested yet with the appstore, but what I can say I that the previewer is very good for web app, mobile and desktop.

If I am correct, you can build your native app, for Android for example, and install your APK on your phone before sending it to the appstore.


The web preview works really well and is a very accurate representation of what the app will look and behave like once downloaded. For previewing an actual Android build I export and then download directly to my phone. I have not done anything with iOS yet.