Box automatic placement

Isn’t it borderline funny how crazy it makes you that you create a well looking page on web-creator, only to visit the page through your mobile device to see all the boxes with text and picture you have made are unaligned, misplaced and uneven accordingly to where you supposedly placed them. I have tried putting see-through boxes in between to claim the space, I’ve tried to group some, and even all objects, before i fix them to bottom screen. How do you guys do it? In an perfect world the web-creator shows me exactly where and how on the page the different objects will appear.

In my case too, there is a discrepancy between the placement in the editor and the actual components of the application. In particular, if you change the display or non-display of a component using a conditional branch, the appearance of the component collapses at once.

As a countermeasure, I place invisible boxes between the components.

I have tried with invisible boxes since I saw someone recommend it, has not worked out for me.

This article may be of interest to you.

Actually my other post regarding same issue the boxes you mentioned, have invisible boxes between them, see in this picture. Will look at article.

Is this not a list by any chance? Are they all independent components? If so, listing them might help.