Adalo sends data that i don´t want to send

Hi everyone !! I´m new around here.
In my homscreen i have a link to other screen and I don´t send any data. Perfect.
In the second screen I have a list of movies. If I click in a movie the link send me to the page with the movie data. Perfect again.
The problem is that if I link this page with other page adalo send the movie data to the other page and I don´t want to pass this information.
¿Can i do it?
Thanks in advance.

It shouldn’t really be a problem to have the data sitting there anyway. But you can break the data link by linking there from another page that doesn’t pass movie data.

Make a new screen, then just make a button that links to the screen where you don’t want the data. Bear in mind this will break all data links, not just movies.

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At first time. Thank you very much for your reply.
It would be fantastic if the new screen will redirect automatically to the finish screen, but we need the action buton to “clean” the data.
i´m thinking in use the countdown add. - EDIT: It doesn´t work … xD
Thanks again.

There isn’t a button to clean data, just link from a brand new blank screen that the user will never see, to the screen where you don’t want any data.

I still don’t understand the need to remove data anyway. Just ignore it.

I think I will leave it as it is

Thanks again theadaloguy.

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