Send datas that I don't want to send

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to remove send data that I don’t need to be send?


I have a screen “Cliente” that is access from different screens. This screen need a Current Cliente data. All ok from there.

But some screens send more that the Current Cliente data and this cause the issue. In the Cliente screen, the current Cliente data is not more accessible with magic text because the screen want that all screens send the same datas.

Here one of the screen that sent more data than required. I would like to remove the Current Note data: it’s not required to Cliente Screen!


You can break the data flow by linking there from a random screen that doesn’t contain that specific data. Make a new blank screen. Create a list with the relevant data that you are happy to pass, but nothing else. This screen doesn’t need to be accessible to the user, and you use a list with a link to pass the correct type of data.


Yes, I know this trick. I open a ticket to Adalo about another issue I got. The person from Adalo asked me to correct all the missing link first…

I guess it’s not possible to correct the data links as Adalo asked.