Adalo servers down again?

I still see errors when trying to work on my app. This is particularly true of buttons when I want to add an action. It shows errors.

Anyone else still facing the issue? I wonder how long it will be before it is corrected again?

So frustrating.
@David @ashley Any updates?

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Yes, I can’t work on my project!

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I’ve been facing this since the morning. Haven’t been able to progress an inch with the app.


Facing the same issue. It happens when I try to add “magic text” to any sort of action, whether it’s for an image or for a button

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Glad its not just me. Thanks for confirming. I’m fairly new to Adalo…Where will they typically communicate around stuff like this?

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They usually give updates in this forum.

They’re looking into it right now, they gave a reply in this thread :slight_smile: