Adalo server down?

Anyone else having problem to connect their published app? I was checking how many users my app has online and found out that the app doesn’t load and when I checked the adalo editor it doesn’t load database.

All records just show 0

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@roope257 I noticed a few minutes ago all of my database records for all of my apps are totally gone… Seems to be some issues connecting to the database. Really hope they will fix this issue.

Same. 0 records.

Okay good I’m not the only one. But hopefully quick fix because it’s morning in here Finland and my app users are waking up

EDIT: I have bad feeling the fix will take time because it’s weekend for adalo devs

same here, cannot retrieve database.

No error message either.

same problem here

Yup. All records gone. Gonna be a stressful weekend at Adalo HQ, I guess…

yea, wonder why there’s no “server down” error message displaying this time.

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I’ve read in the forum that they don’t work weekends. not sure. either way, this is lame. glad I’m not paying yet & don’t have users. You may want to warn or be proactive and send a message to your users … if you can. lol geez. come on Adalo.

I hope i wont have to move to Bubble because of this outage.

Yeah I think I have to publish annoucement to my users that server down. Just blame that I can’t do anything and I can’t tell how long the down time will be

You’d think these guys would be working 90 hours a week; with so much on the line.

btw, can users tell that you rely on Adalo’s services? pardon my ignorance as i have not published my app yet so i have not experienced that. Still working on development.

Nope, they only see the app in Google play and Apple’s appstore. So they can’t see how the app is made

I was counting on Adalo to have hired enough staff to cover certain flaws with the new capital infusion from last year:

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I hope Adalo staff is reading this thread, but at least someone make an announcement about server down on Twitter or other platforms. Dont leave us in the dark.

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Oh, yea. it’s the first thing on the website :grimacing: It’s not like the old days. Developers are flush with cash… nobody works. Maybe this is why Jobs & Bezos don’t pay crap. …

Through my search for cofounders, I found this to be true. Equity is the only way to align incentives. Paying lots of money almost always gets you average work.

Looks like a problem with the internal collections. All of our Adalo databases are showing 0 records which means the app is displaying nothing wherever there’s a list. We’ve had quite a few problems this week but nothing quite this bad…

Luckily we store all important data in external collections but we rely on internal collections to filter the external lists :man_facepalming:

btw, server is still down yet the status webpage has failed to detect and show:

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I know you’re not at fault @jessehaywood you might want to get your team on this… asap.