Errors again? Anyone else facing it?

I am getting these errors again. Anyone else notice it?


Anyone facing this issue? It keeps coming back up?
@Ben @ashley @jeremy Any advice?

Yeah, I’ve also been seeing these from time to time. The latest instance happened when I was trying to add a ‘magic text’ link to an Image action


Image > Add action > External link (website) > Magic text > Error screen

yep, me too…for magic texts…Been stuck since morning

Yeah, just started facing it in more and more things, which were working previously. This needs to be looked into asap, because a lot of people will now be stuck. I’ll have to postpone making things right now too :frowning:

Wait, you’ve been having this error over 22 days ago? @Arun
Or did it get fixed in the meantime and now it’s happening again? I haven’t been working in Adalo for the last 2 weeks so I don’t know if this error has been happening before yesterday or not

It was a massive issue 22 days ago. I lost 2-3 days worth of worktime. Then it happened again this morning and haven’t been able to work since 6am today.

My observation is that this issue comes up on friday and continues through the weekend. Server overload presumably. The adalo team @Ben @ashley @jeremy don’t seem to respond on the weekend so I’ll probably have to wait out until Monday.

I posted the same error issue this morning.