Adalo Service Down

Is the Adalo service down … we have been unable to load our apps under development for a couple hours now.
Rather disconcerting. There seems to be no status page link to check Adalo uptime.

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You mean you can’t preview your apps?

Here’s the Adalo Status Page

Thank you

Yes, Preview did not work.
Editing an app and adding new collections did not work.
Everything in the Adalo environment seemed sluggish relative to 24 hrs earlier.

Any workarounds. We are unable to make any progress.

For me the preview is normal

Clear the cache and cookies and try.

Or zoom in and out in your editor for a while and reload the tab and try.

or open your app on a another browser and try.

Or you can Submit a Support Ticket

Thank you

Service seems ok now.
Would be good to understand what caused the outage.
Thanks for the assist.

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Your welcome

Sometimes this is happening.

Yesterday this happened to me also. And now ok

We have to check the status. There appears to be nothing on our side to cause this. Was your internet connection stable at this time? Were you having difficulties on any other website?

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