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I’m wanted to see if anyone has developed a collection of various tips and tricks that improve the speed and performance of apps in Adalo. I have an app that is complicated and (for now) I’m not interested in using Xano for this as an external database.

Any videos, posts, components (or thoughts) on this?

Thank you for any help you can offer!

Basically, from my knowledge, what you can do is not have no many actions on a button, don’t have nested lists, don’t have complex filtering. Xano either way will not speed up thing as long as your framework in Adalo itself, especially if you have a lot of records.

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Thank you @WilliamNasr for responding! But what are some alternatives to your comments? What if you have a need for complex filtering or need to have multiple actions completed? What is your alternative? Do you separate them out in different steps instead of all in the same screen? Or is there a secret trick?

I usually use external software or solutions for apps that big, I keep Adalo’s usage for the small to medium complexity features and db

Hey @get-the-memo,

There were several discussions on the forum about Adalo speed optimizations, for instance, this one: Do’s and Don’ts for app speed.

Some general advices from that thread are still useful. However, a lot might depend on the exact app setup, user flow, data size and usage pattern.

In regards to using external collections: this might speed up the app but only sometimes. Many platforms like Supabase or Xano allow to do complex filtered queries on the server side, and return the prepared result to Adalo. Such queries may work faster than when you’re doing it in Adalo Database, especially if you’re aggregating results from different tables with a complex filtered JOINs.
However this comes with a price - you will have to spend much more time setting it up than in Adalo alone.



Actually the post which victor shared is very useful, but if you’re in a phase where you have done what is mentioned, i don’t think there is something else to do then finding external solutions

Thank you @WilliamNasr and @Victor for your responses! I appreciate the links and the advice!

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you’re welcome, please feel free to reach out if you need help setting something externally

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