My is app very slow

Hello, can someone explain to me why the APP is SO SLOW? We are still building it, the database is empty and even then look how long it takes … it’s crazy

Hi @Santiago! I had these problems with few of my apps, but that’s was because in the database was a lot of records.
In your case this problem can be due to your thinking for systems. What filters you have for list? How many actions you have on buttons? In Adalo you must be very careful how to work with data because can slow down your app.
I stopped using the Adalo database, I started working with Xano, It’s much better as a backend.
I hope it helps you!

Hello, thanks for the answer, it only has 2 actions, the database is empty, there are lists that only have the link action and even so it is slow, it is crazy to move forward with this, it is that for everything we must pay external applications, It is impossible like this, now I am going to try to do otherwise.

I’m doing some research into speed. Can you DM me the previewed link?

Hello, sorry for the delay in responding, 2 days ago the app is faster, I sent a ticket and I see that it is working better

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