Adalo status (not found)

I am speaking from my 5 years of experience in UX design.
Whenever Adalo is experiencing issues like this, can we at least be able to choose a placeholder text or image (e•g sorry for the downtime, maintenance is ongoing, we will be back up in few****mins/hrs) instead of WHITESPACE (Not found)? We the creators might understand but for the users who we are building our product for, it is unforgivable. NOT FOUND projects the impression of unreliability, unaccountability & irresponsibility. Not found means, their data is not safe with us. Please let’s look into this. Users don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care and the only way we can let them know how much we care is by the last User experience we communicate to them.


I agree with your idea.

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Yes, PLEASE… I am extremely sympathetic to the Adalo team and will gladly forgive these growing pains with the hope and realization of continuous improvement. However, it is critical that these things be handled better on user side. Just having an app go white when there’s backend issues is unacceptable. This isn’t all just some sandbox that the kiddies are playing in; it’s real business and real consequences when there’s downtime.

Additionally, It is frustrating that we’re going on over an hour of full-blown downtime during prime morning usage hours and not a peep from the team at Adalo? Sure, they have the status page, but all it’s got is an automated message reporting that indeed, it’s broken. There’s only so much acceptable wiggle room there - they’ve created a service which people pay for so that they can rely on it working. It’s OK to have glitches and technical difficulties, but it is NOT OK to not treat downtime that cripples the front end as anything less than a full-blown EMERGENCY. There should be pro-active communication and a real, non-automated explanation ASAP. We need to know if this is going to affect us all day, or if it’s going to be cleared up soon. And, after an hour + they still don’t know what’s wrong and/or how long it’s going to take, then they can tell us that and we can plan on running our damage control accordingly.

And Yes, I am aware that as I’ve been typing this it appears as though the issue has been resolved. Thank you to the Adalo Team. I am grateful. Thank you for being, in general, awesome. But I am still going to post this because the point remains.