ADALO support don't anwer me, subscription

Hi ! I send to support Email to stop subscripiton 28.01.2022 and updated on site billing plan to FREE. Until today no answer from support but ADALO charged my card again. Can someboy help me ?

Hey there @GordanS

Unfortunately, this is the community of Adalo users. We are not Adalo employees and we do not have access to help you with anything billing-related. Maybe you can submit another ticket asking for an update…

Best of luck!

Hey Gordan. I’m not sure what email you sent it to, but it likely was not seen if it went to a generic Adalo email. How to get your billing updated is to submit a support ticket and select “I have a billing question”.

Hi Jesse,

Tnx for replying. I send you copy of my Email and automatic reply.

Best Regards


Unmonitored means that they do not check the mailbox for incoming messages. It says to submit a ticket.

By submitting a ticket, it allows Adalo to keep track of all requests in an organized fashion.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Tnx ! I see now…

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