Downgrading to Free Subscription Problems

I am very confused about my subscription status in Adalo. I downgraded three months ago or something around that and I am still being charged. I literally cannot afford one more payment - please help me!

When I go to “Team and Billing” I have the option to upgrade to Pro and/or Business but I can’t downgrade? Because I already downgraded It think? But I still see a payment today in my bank account. My email is if someone needs it. When I go to Team and Billing, by default the check box is on Pro plan, but when I select free plan, the next button fades away. I need help before I get charged again

I think its adalo issue. Try sending a ticket!

How do I go about doing that? Do I send an email?

Lemme send link moment

Submit a Support Ticket (

Here you go!


You could send a ticket to Adalo!

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AWESOME SAUCE. I’ll do it now

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