We're developing a better Audio component

Hello Adalo community,

We’re currently in the process of developing a more capable audio component for Adalo.
I would appreciate if everyone who’s interested could list their requirements in order for us to make sure that we fulfill as many of your needs as possible.



I suggest building the component and releasing it to the community so that those interested can test it.

Through their tests, they will be able to provide you with more valuable feedback.

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Ability for users to create a playlist of database audio files that they can upload or provide url

All (or most popular) formats supported

Ability to link audio from any URL ending in an audio format

Ability to have the music keep playing when you navigate to another screen (can also be stopped with controls on another screen)

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My app has audio as one of the main features (audio tracks for music workbooks) and it would be amazing if they could be accessed in the native app offline.

Another feature I wish we had was to have the list of songs in a playlist on the same page as they player (like in Apple Music or Spotify).

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Not sure if you’re still looking for input @Taro but I’ve found the current audio player to be incredibly frustrating to use. Rather than creating a new player on a similar model, fraught with the need for all kinds of workarounds, it would be better if there were a way to make a direct call to an audio file, either through a URL, a URL in a database or a file uploaded and held in the database. The way things are done now is silly in the extreme. Directly attaching a sound action to any event would put Adalo way ahead.