Adalo to Airtable API 401 error

Hi I’ve done everything according to the API documentation but i’m getting the following 401 authorization error when I’m trying to connect to a simple Airtable listing of US States… Any ideas?

Btw this video demo for hooking up then airtable api to adalo seemed to work well but the same action on my side didn’t work.

I think you missed typing “Authorization” in the header assuming that it is already present as shown in your screen, can you type that in manually and try once again?

I had similar when I started.

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Thanks for the reply… I thought “Authorization” was already in the Header field as a default… In anycase I retyped it in and it still returned the same errror.

Got it to work… Video above is actually correct. Had to include Bearer prefix along with the key along with “records” as the results key… thanks!

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Yup. Been there. Banged my head on the same wall.

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