Adalo to/from Wasabi API

Can somebody help me with Adalo to Wasabi Storage (100% S3 Compatible) so that we can upload files to Wasabi Storage.
I have done this about a year ago but has completely forgotten how to do it.
I know of Zapier, Integromat and another half dozen of other 3rd party ways of doing it but that is not the way we want to go. What ever Zapier etc. offer I am sure Adalo can do without using 3rd party offerings. In any case it just adds to monthly costs which makes your apps monetarily top heavy and a creates multiple points of failure.

Kind Regards,

Hi @intelx.technologies,
Zapier and Integromat are more for Managed Services and less tech savvy, If you have 100 APIs running in an APP, in a way it makes sense, but do agree that prices escalation is insane.

This could help you: Wasabi API Guide

I actually developed an API for WASABI, if later you wanna give it a test drive.


Thank you for the reply, what I would love to give your API a test drive, I have looked at the problem from various different ways, Adalifi comes to mind as a payed version to aqccess your own Wasabi storage. There are other ways but for now Adalify makes kind of sense.
I have managed direct API access to wasabi about a year ago but for the hell of it I can’t remember how I did it. If I can remember how to do a simple “GET” and Wasabi returns with something. But for now Wasabi refuse connections even after making sure API Keys, Passwords are 100% correct.


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