Adalo tutorials: customised password reset

Hi @Victor,

Thank you very much for the super quick fix of the issue. I appreciate this support and the support encourages me to have chosen the right platform with Adalo!

Best, Ron

Hi @RonDeveloper,

Just to clarify: Adalo Community Leaders like myself aren’t Adalo employees - we’re just helping others and sharing our experience on voluntary basis :slight_smile:


@Victor Ohhh I understand! Sorry and then all the more thank you for your personal commitment!

I’m just combining your tutorial and Michael’s tutorial “How to verify user emails” when I’m done I will also contribute to this forum and post a new full tutorial on youtube, I will send you the link.

A last, final question about your “customized password reset app”. Do you have an idea to display a line “Please enter a valid Email” on your “Reset password - step 1 (screen)” as long as the user has not entered an email address that is contained in the user table? I’ve tried a few things but can’t find a working option? Thanks, Ron

Mine had the same error, I changed the permission and it worked perfectly, thanks…
obs.: I’m using the integromat as an email sending flow.

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