Send email to recover password through API


I wanted to know if anyone knows any way to send the email to recover password (like clicking on “forgot my password”) but they use the custom actions or the API?

I am using the API to create users from Bubble, and I would like that once I create the users in bubble (and they are loaded in Adalo) they will be sent an email with the link to configure a password for their account.

You could generate a random number, save it to database, send it to user email with sendgrid (custom action), then they have to input that number in order to access a screen that allows them to input new password.

Hi @Maxiogas,

I’ve created the tutorial for similar case - please see it here:

The video is quite long but I hope it explains everything in detail.
I used SendInBlue as an email provider.

Best regards, Victor.

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