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One of the reasons why we upgrade to Adalo Pro or Adalo Business is to appear professional, and to remove Adalo branding. For competitive reasons too, we don’t want others knowing that Adalo is behind our apps.

So perhaps we can give a nudge that removing Adalo branding from the Password Reset is important to us. Please upvote here:

Hello, I was also having this problem.
But until I had this role at Adalo, I decided on the following way, maybe it will help you.

I created a list using the user’s collection.

In the user’s collection, I put some key fields (Secret question, PIN code)
When the user taps “I forgot my password”, he is directed to a screen with a list, using the user’s collection.
In this list I put the following conditions:

If the current user enters the correct email, show the secret question he selected in the registration.
If the answer to the secret question is correct, ask for the PIN code * that was made available to him at registration.
If the PIN code is the same as the one provided, present the password field to create a new password.

  • PIN CODE: I made the Pin Code using Radon formula between 1000 to 9999, then in the registration when the user touches to generate Pin code, the formula generates a random number within what I declared, and saved in the user collection.

Anyway, I hope it helps, this was the solution I used to solve this “problem”, but I believe that soon Adalo will provide something that does not indicate that we use it to develop our applications.

Sorry for my English, I’m from Brazil.


Thank you so much. I’m not sure why I assumed we needed to use the Adalo password reset. Of course, we can repopulate the password using a form and magic text!


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