Adalo tutorials: customised password reset

Adalo has a great built-in procedure to reset user passwords. But sometimes this may not be enough. In this video I show how to create a customised workflow for password reset: this is done using one-time random code sent to user’s email.
The video is quite long (almost 19 mins), so please be patient and enjoy :slight_smile:

Note: the email sending is done via SendInBlue, I’ve created a custom action for that, based on the tutorial here, thanks to Vance Wong @vancewong : Send email with SendInBlue.

UPDATE: Based on my experience, making the button invisible (4:15 on video) may result in some glitches, when Adalo is slow. So I think having a list filtered by user email should be enough.


Hi @Victor, I followed your video and I saw your UPDATE about step at 4:15 and I think the “same” at 13:50, my question is: even with Adalo performance improvements “today” still remains a good idea to avoid glitches the process of buttons just filtered without the “second layer with visibilty” ?

Hi @liba2,

It’s not about performance per se, it is more about the sequence of actions and when the visibility condition will be executed.

As I think now, having a list appear by itself should be enough. No item in the list which matches the condition → no list :slight_smile:


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@Victor, just 1 step (first one) is simple and enough, I agree. Thanks about the attention!

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Hi @Victor
I followed your tutorial but I can’t seem to be able to get any “Current” users, when I look at Update I only see logged in user and when I set Link to only happen Sometimes and I look at “This action will only happen if” I also can’t see current user. Can you tell me what’s wrong please? (I’m using Adalo’s users for this)

Hi @adalapp,

Which screen are you talking about, and which step on video (time) are you trying to reproduce? It’s a bit difficult to say what’s wrong in your setup based on the screenshots you’ve provided.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi thanks for your help.

At 7:47 you select Update > Current User.
I can’t see Current User only Logged In User

At 13:31 you select This action will only happen if Current User > TMPPassResetCode Is Equal To Form Inputs > Code Input
But I can’t see “Current User” there also. Only logged in user.

At 16:13 you have the custom action and for the code you use Current User > TMPpasssresetcode but I also can’t see current user.

I can’t see current user anywhere
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @adalapp,

The button which should appear after user enters his/her email, sits “inside” the list of Users, filtered by “email is equal to input’s value”.
The set-up is done starting from 3:10 on the video - you’ll see how I add the button and convert it to the list. This is how you get Current User.


That works great, my bad for this error! Thank you :slight_smile:

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why the new password not send to user data after i link it to login page

Hi @bangsabangsawanresou,

As I can see you didn’t replicate the logic from the video. Step 1 is to enter email; Step 2 is to enter the reset code (which is sent by email), and Step 3 is enter new password + link to the login page.

Best regards, Victor.