Adalo Image Layer Error

I believe this is a bug but it seems Adalo displays image layers different in the editor vs the preview.

In the image with the editor, I have a white rectangle that has 50% opacity behind the buttons (desired)

In the previewer it is above.

How do I fix this

please go to the buttons > on the left side on the top you will see 3 dots > click on them and choose arrange > bring forward or bring to front. try both depending on your situation

That has been tried.

In the editor it is fine. The background is in the back.

In the previewer it is not.

You can see the difference in the images I uploaded.

Check the background opacity of the 2 buttons

Hi @dominiconorton!

That must be a momentary thing but there is a way to make sure this never happens; Let the overlay be a part of the BG image you upload to Adalo. So you will not need to add a rectangle in Adalo.

For example, take the image you are using for the background and add the rectangle as a fill in Figma or Sketch then export the image and use it in Adalo. That the rectangle is part of the background.


Just to clarify

The editor is fine but the previewer is not

Thanks that’s the workaround I’ve been working with, that and using a different layout style