Adalo users--security question

Hi folks…I’m a newbie here and apologies for what may be a very stupid question.

I’m interviewing a few experts to help me create an app. They have asked me to add them as a user so they can see what was developed before to understand the scope of my design need (I’m not going to have them add on to what was developed, but they still want to see what it was).


  1. Are there any security issues I need to be aware of by doing this? I’m the admin.

  2. Do all users have visibility of the names/email addresses of other users in my account? I’ll be adding at least three users and don’t want them to see the others’ names (not sure why I don’t…I just don’t, I guess).

I am grateful for any insight you can provide. Thank you.

This Adalo help article ill help.

Thank you so much!!!

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