General Assistance Needed Please and Thank You

I’m looking for assistance or advice on how to add external users using API from another adalo database/app when I created a new app. I know there is the option to share the same database, but the desired setup we are looking at we would want them separated.

We have our main application that is our Single Sign On (SSO) where the users login and access all their web apps for work. We want it so that when the user logins in they have one seamless login across all the other apps, but again without shared database.

We have too many applications we have created using the shared database feature and it gets to the point where the database collections just get out of hand and trying to keep it all organized especially when we have many collections names that are similar.

I appreciate any advice or guidance on this topic, and I hope this will help others that maybe looking to do something similar to this.

I had a brief thought about copying or kind of copying to Xano, but I think it will be impossible because you cannot copy the password field.

So they would not be able to authenticate

Shared database is your best approach IMO

Lots of collections is not necessarily a bad thing in Adalo. 70 collections in one of my apps and performance is OK. Get used to using CMD+F to find the one you need

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