Expert helper adalos isnt working


I am hiring someone from adalo to help me with the building process and we have been working for about a week now and he says his adalo isn’t working anymore and it wont let him edit the app. He wants to have my username and password for Adalo so he can log in on my end and work on the editor. Would you recommend me sharing this with him? Could he do something bad with this information? Thanks!

Hey there.

Tell the expert to create a new adalo account with another email.

The share the app access to that email.

He can start working again then :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice!

I suggest avoiding anyone logging in with your details. I do apps for clients and the last time I did this there was a strange technical issue that I had to submit a ticket for.

Thanks! How long after you submitted the ticket did it take to get fixed?

I don’t know what fixed it-Adalo told me don’t log in like that and to use the normal method for adding someone to your team. So not sure if it was Adalo fixing the issue or the fact that I never logged in that way again. Either way best avoided :slight_smile:

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