Adalo Web Applications - Alignment

Adalo Web Applications - Alignment

Adalo, You give us two options. Web Application and Mobile Application. Since there are only two options, Adalo you should support it. Can the “Adalo Team,” provide us with techniques to help us get our Web Application aligned. How to align our Application? Since we are not writing HTML or CSS, we rely on Adalo’s framework for aligning things. I did see a link in the Adalo form that gave a link to clone an app that is doing that, but that is not enough for understanding how to align items in Adalo.

  • What makes a Web Application lose it’s alignment and how to keep the alignment?
  • We cannot assume that No Code designers are to know some secret concepts about alignment.
  • Only provide constructive comments.
  • Documentation about this feature would be great.

Finally, many might ask, why do we need Web Applications?

  • To support our Mobile Applications via a large web interface, managing users, content.

Maybe a plugin can be written to give us alignment? I don’t know if we can do that since we don’t have control over the final rendering do we?

Thanks! Let’s figure this out!